You can use this page to easily generate LaTeX code for GenBench Evaluation Cards:

  1. Register all the experiments in your paper. You can register multiple experiments in the same eval card; and you can even register multiple shifts / sources and loci in the same experiment!
  2. Click the Generate button to generate the corresponding LaTeX code, one column, or full page
  3. Download the code by clicking the Download button, or copy it to your clipboard with the one next to it.
  4. Copy the code to your paper -- the download produces a file that you can compile standalone; to include only the table in your paper, just copy the packages over to your preamble, save everything from %Set tabular size to the last end tabular, and import that file using \input{filename}
  5. Add a citation to the taxonomy paper in your figure caption.

Start generating your table below the demo video!

Visual demonstration of the process of generating evaluation cards

Please indicate the GenBench taxonomy values for all the experiments in your study.